Friday, July 7, 2023

BOOK RELEASE: Loving With All Our Soul


Joy Pedersen's newest book release is available now! 
Loving With All Our Soul

Loving With All Our Soul

What is the soul, and what does it involve? Understanding how the soul fits into our spiritual makeup is important so we can love God with all of it. Enticements and choices made are often confusing and detrimental to maturity. It is important to look at the soul infected, influenced, inspired, and infiltrated. Are you hoping to increase your relationship with God and others? Committed time of introspection through these pages will help you examine your love life, wean out the things that hold you back, and lean into the One who loves you most.

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Brief Biography: Joy Pedersen founded Clear Hope Association in 2004 to equip and build the family of God. She has served over 25 years in ministry using the Word of God to teach, write, and counsel. As a dedicated and effective communicator, she walks alongside others encouraging a deeper, more personal, and effective relationship with Jesus Christ.

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